Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The religious bigots are on the march.....

The scary, scary religious bigots are on the march in northern Ireland. They are attempting to block new laws that will protect lesbians and gay men from discrimination by hoteliers and guest house owners.

A choice quote from one bigot: "The Pentecostal movement, on the basis of Holy Scripture, views homosexuality as being deviant and sinful."

Peter Tatchell states: "This new law is long overdue. It gives lesbian and gay people the same protection that has been given to women and black people for many decades. The disparity has been a long-standing injustice. But the religious and political fundamentalism of Northern Ireland has often made life very difficult for lesbian and gay people."

Ruth Kelly, is said to be "sympathetic" to the "pleas" by the Anglican and Catholic churches about this opposition to this new law.

Why doesn't Ruth Kelly just go the whole nine yards and join them on their demonstrations and in their opposition 'cos it is becoming patently obvious she doesn't give a damn about the discrimination and oppression faced by lesbians and gay men?

Btw: Check out the "brimstone and fire" pic (ye shall repent... yada, yada) on Liam's blog. Absolutely choice!