Thursday, December 28, 2006

Best things I have done in 2006 by Louisefeminista 37 years and 5 days....

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It's ... the seven deadly things I did in 2006 ...Sorry, meant to say seven best things I did in 2006.

Oh crikey, seven, that’s a hell of a lot of things to have done in a year and best things as well. Oh fvccant! Here goes….

1. Got promoted twice in a couple of months in my job (OK, OK, a bit too work ethic but it reduced my overdraft)

2. Meeting the Stroppy One on Comrade O’s site in the spring. Our virtual eyes met across a male dominated comments box. So romantic and hey presto, a blog was born. Funny how strange the internet is for meeting people or should that be funny how you meet strange people on the internet.

3. OK… connected to 2 …is the creation of Stroppyblog. Steep learning curve as I know ficken all about the intricacies of blogging and still do know sod all. But hey, it has been fun. Hope it has been good for you as it has been good for us.

4. Still connected to 2 & 3 (yeah, I am a cheatin’. So what?). The blog wouldn’t be complete without the commenters….. A blogsphere made up of reformists, centrists, socialist feminists, radical feminists, third campists/Shachtmanites, revoluntaries, Marxists, Trots, socialists, Blairites (hiss boo), ulta-left adventurists (and honestly I mean that as a compliment Southpaw), Green socialists and if I have left you out please tell me. And this coming from a Pabloite revisionist like myself.

Ok, Ok, I know, you are not labels but real virtual people.
And I have met some of you in the flesh……….

5. Not missed an episode of Dr Who. Should I admit to that? Oh well, what the heck, you all know I lead a sad empty life…

6. Went to Brighton Pride for the first time in years, which was very good. Especially the stalls and the amazing sexy gadgets you can buy for us women.

7. Finished reading the Collective Works of Lenin. Now that was a joke. Whaddya mean you thought I was being serious?

---Oh and mustn’t forget being elected steward for the floor I work on. Is that a good thing or just plain masochism?

Now who shall I tag? I can see you hiding in the back there. Nah, I can't be arsed to tag as the last ones I tagged (Yeah and that means you lot at Jon Rogers) didn't do what they were supposed to. Oh, what the hell.

Is anyone out there interested in telling us the best things they did in 2006? Whaddya mean no!

Well, rock 'n' roll 2007!