Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A little while back I posted about why we had been deleting some comments. Much of it was spam but some was from a sad troll who has been on other sites spewing his poison.
As I said at the time we have no problems with disagreement and debate. We are not in favour of censorship and as people can see from the comments there are all sorts here , including Tories, Blairites and puritans who come and argue with us. The more the merrier.

Since that post we have had the troll still coming on posting very long comments which often make no sense at all and are not political arguments but sick comments. These include that we should be raped and unpleasant comments about my mother who recently died.

The response from commentators has been that we should ban this person as they are not engaging in any sort of debate, rather getting some sick kicks. I must admit I am unhappy at having to do this, but the comments are not political, don't make sense much of the time and are also clogging up posts and affecting debate.

So Will, our hero, has installed haloscan. We will use it to ban the fuckwit troll but I want to assure people we will not use it to close down debate or ban others. People can swear, disagree and insult as before. Hey this is stroppyblog and we don't have a naughty room :-)
Can people use the haloscan comments from now on.

So thanks to the twisted genius that is Will ...

Update: Just noticed you can edit posts . Now of course I would never do that, but I must admit to some temptation the next time Jim D pops over . Not that I want to be responsible, again, for driving him to drink and making him unmanageable .