Monday, December 11, 2006

Bah humbug: It's Xmas.... well sorta

“It’s Xmas”! shouted fellow west Midlander, Noddy Holder on “Merry Xmas Everyone”.

Ok, not quite there yet but in most high street shops Xmas has a tendency to start in September. But I am of the “bah humbug” brigade as I really, really dislike this time of year. Stress levels rise, depression and suicidal feelings as people feel under pressure. Oh and the compulsion to play all happy families. I know I am a miserable dystopian grouchy depressive (hey, I do have the optimism of the will) but having worked on a mental health line run by MIND during the run up to Xmas and listening to people who ring-up the stress is pretty apparent. And I sure know how that feels.

The only thing I like about the “festive season” is the parties and thankfully I have two in two days. One is a tapas bar somewhere in London that has been seized control of for the afternoon and the other it at my old work place. So… hopefully will blot out the sickly Xmas cheer with copious amounts of booze and will end up dancing badly with tinsel hanging around my neck. I will be re-surfacing sometime in a couple of days probably with a hangover from hell so see you then…..

And well, if any of you bloggers are off to parties this week or next then have a rip roaring riotous time. Yes, especially dedicated to the Unison Wild Bunch who have probably started rocking 'n' rolling around the Xmas tree already. I will raise a glass or two..... in honour of all you bloggers in the blogsphere. Cheers....Oh and bah humbug!