Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Dr Who ... Ever...

It was a combination of watching Torchwood (I do think it is improving. No?) and the Stroppy One informing me there was a poll on the BBC website about who was the BEST DR WHO. And well, you know, I couldn't miss the opportunity to post something about this very important and utterly vital poll.

My favourite is scarf wearing jelly-baby munching Tom Baker. Oh and he's favourite at the moment.

William Hartnell 8%
Patrick Troughton 10%
Jon Pertwee 15%
Tom Baker 50%
Peter Davison 10%
Colin Baker 2%
Sylvester McCoy 3%
Paul McGann 3%

No Christopher Eccleston in the poll. The the actors who played Dr Who after Peter Davison weren't up to scratch at all and the programme was going downhill fast by then anyway.

So, there you have it. Who is your favourite then? I would say more but I am off to watch the final episode of the re-runs of This Life.

Stunning life I lead. Pass me the jelly-babies by the way.....