Friday, December 08, 2006

Tea: it's healthy!

Friday daft post……….

Well, it isn’t strictly daft as it is based on scientific fact. Drinking 3 or more cups of tea is better for you than drinking plenty of water. Researchers have dispelled the myth that tea dehydrates (all that caffeine…). It was found to protect your heart and against some types of cancers. Here’s the science… it’s all in the antioxidants apparently.
And surprisingly, less people are drinking tea, which is kinda strange as I was brought up drinking tea.

So tea, hydrates, fights various nasties, protects your heart, teeth and is better than sex, well according to Boy George. Even I like my 10+ cups of decaf tea (caffeine makes me ill) a day but if I had to choose between the two…. sorry George! Sex is sex and tea is well, just boring old tea.

But....Hey, with all these successes maybe tea should be free on prescription….

The small print at the bottom says the Tea Council commissioned the research. Mmmm. Very independent.

Now, it’s time for my mid-morning decaf cup of tea and expensive biccies. Cheers.