Tuesday, December 19, 2006

McDonnell/Corbyn - The 'Dream' Ticket ?

Over at Dave's site he reports on a rumour that Jeremy Corbyn is going to throw his hat into the ring for Deputy. All well and good. I hope that he works alongside and campaigns with John McDonnell. It would be a nice development if the left in the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) got their act together on this and worked as a team.

Dave calls it a hard left 'dream' ticket. Hmmm. Sorry to be gripey but what does it say of the state of the left in the PLP, the Labour Party and the wider movement that a dream ticket is two middle aged white 1980s straight men. Yes I know the PLP is not overflowing with lefty women. Bloody hell it was the Tories that had the first woman PM!

Look at the great and gorgeous leaders such as Galloway and Sheridan. One anti abortion and anti legalisation of prostitution and the other , whatever the truth of the stories, a preening egotist who thought nothing of attacking women in misogynist language .

There is a planned meeting in January , feminists4John. I hope as well as offering support, and not making the tea, it will also ensure that women are central to the campaign.

And Shiraz, you can stop calling us the Harriet Harman fan club :-)