Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T&G/Amicus merger

"Delegates to today's special Transport and General Workers' Union conference have voted to create a new trade union by a merger with amicus, which will form the UK's largest union with around two million members".

Tony Woodley: "If this merger is about one thing, it is this: working-class unity, the historic aim of our movement. That is why I believe that this new union, the best hope for the unity of the working class in Britain and Ireland, will become a beacon of attraction for other workers, other trade unions looking to fight back and win in the workplace."

Interesting post over at Jon Rogers site about the proposed merger. I have to say that when I mentioned the merger to T&G members in my own workplace (and they are good activists) they didn't seemed that concerned etc. That kinda surprised me as I thought there might be some debate around "super-unions" and democracy but nada. There were a few laughs at the proposed names though and who can blame them as they are lame beyond belief.