Thursday, March 22, 2007

The second Jim Denham fan club piss up...

Thought I would do a light innocuous post . Mind you thought that about the Thatcher one and there is an almighty bust up between Sham and Paddy in the comments box.

Anyway, try again.

A few months back there was the first leftie bloggers piss up , which was a good night out. OK, that says something about my idea of fun, night in a pub full of drunken weird leftie men and of course some stroppy women . No night is complete without adopting two leftie men and being called Doll by the delectable Jim D.

So a date for the diary...Saturday 14th April. Kit is organising it again , so pop over to his blog.

Given the 'lively ' debate between Paddy and Sham perhaps they will pop along. Not that I'm one to stir mind :-)
Add Jim D to the mix, banging the table as he argues with those two and I could sell tickets ...