Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dave Osler - Poll results

The poll has now ended and the verdict on where Dave is heading politically is :

Join the AWL (you mean he isn't already a member!) 19 votes (31%)

Quit leftie politics , sell out and earn lots of money. 10 votes (16%)

Finally realise that Mike Pearn, Southpawpunch and Andy Newman are right and renounce his wussy ways. 9 votes (15%)

Become press officer for Galloway and join Respect . 7 votes (11%)

Criticise Adele AND Luke Akehurst for being too left wing. 7 votes (11%)

Join the Lib Dems ready for a lib/lab coalition. 6 votes (10%)

After calling for the restoration of the Shah who knows !! 4 votes (6%)

62 votes total

So there you have it , most people think "Join the AWL (you mean he isn't already a member!)". Personally I was hoping for "sell out and earn lots of money", then I could sell out and become a kept woman ;-) Oh well.

Right next poll. Two ideas I am pondering. On most of the male leftie blogs there is a fair amount of 'I'm more revolutionary than you, nah ' type debate. So a poll of who is the most revolutionary blogger.

OR if I may go for a really shallow poll. A little while back Lenny said he was 'eminently more fuckable than Oliver Kamm '. There was a poll on HP to put this to the test. I thought I might do a variation of this and have a list of male leftie bloggers.
Yep I know, this blog is not serious , just 'fisting, fucking and fishnets '.

I'll ponder a while more and put up a poll later.

Update: Any ideas or names for the poll add them to the comments box. I'll put up the poll on friday.