Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blair and Paisley bond over the bible .

You might need a strong stomach for these quotes , and best not read if eating as they are pretty nauseating:

Tony Blair has forged a special bond with the Rev Ian Paisley...
by discussing their common interest in and commitment to Christianity.
Spearheading a government charm offensive to win round the one time Presbyterian firebrand, the two men have been swapping religious textbooks over the past year.

"Blair is brilliant at seducing Paisley," Lord Bew said. "This is the most amazing love affair, the last great Blairite romance.They are even exchanging books on religion. It is fantastic stuff. It is religious; it is romantic. It is brilliant. You have to hand it to him. Once again, when we thought the old maestro was fading, his capacity to seduce, politically speaking, is phenomenal."

I suppose nothing should surprise me after Blair cosied up with Bush , sharing religious views, the same toothpaste and a desire to bomb (in a christian way of course) other countries.