Friday, March 09, 2007

Iraqi women

Just bumping this up the blog as a reminder. Its a meeting tonight. I expect Paddy will think its Islamaphobic, but then he is a fuckwit!

I have received a flyer for a conference on women in Iraq. There isn't a link, so here are the details from it:

“United Not Divided for Women’s Rights in Iraq”

100th Anniversary International Women’s Day

A conference organised by:
Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq
Act Together: Women’s Action for Iraq
Iraqi Women’s League
Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights
Marem Reshakh: Assyrian Women’s Human Rights
Iraqi Community Association: Women’s Section

We - a network of Iraqi women’s rights organisations based in Iraq and the UK- want to draw attention to the plight of Iraqi women under the occupation and ongoing terror and violence.

Friday 9th March 2007

Khalili Lecture Theatre
School of Oriental &
African Studies (SOAS),
Thornhaugh Street
(nearest tube: Russell Square),
London WC1H 0XG

Your support and donations are welcome to sponsor upcoming visit by Iraqi women activist.

For further information please contact: