Friday, March 02, 2007

Feminists4John and Abortion Rights

Pop over to Feminists4John for info on two events this Saturday.

Oh but apparently they are only for younger women:

This weekend lots of young women will be protesting for better abortion provision, defending the right for women to choose when and if they have children.

Hmmm, women over 30 can get pregnant you know and also need abortions. Even if women are too old to get pregnant they can still add their support.

Oh well...I'm to old to go on their demos . Glad to be on the political scrapheap !!

btw Abortion Rights on their website do not specify that their event is for 'young' women as reported on Feminists4John. Glad to see someone understands the concept of ageism!

Well i'll be at home with a nice cup of cocoa,wearing slippers and watching some light entertainment on ITV...

Update :
After my gripe (well you know us oldies, always moaning about something) the post on Feminists4John has been changed from 'young women' to 'women'.