Thursday, February 22, 2007

Father Ted festival

Weekend plans included going on the anti war demo on saturday (which according to Mr Duff is actually a John4'Deputy' demo !)

That was until I came across what looks like an event that could match some elements of the demo for surrealism . Yep I'm talking about the Father Ted festival .

Rather than being held in some dull corporate conference centre it is on the 'real' craggy island. Well I say 'real' but that is disputed with a neighbouring island .

I must say it sounds fun and in keeping with the surreal nature of the TV series which I loved.

It includes :

So in wintry Inis Mor, off the coast of Galway, fans will gather for an itinerary that includes a Priests versus Nuns Football Tournament, a Guided Fancy Dress Walk around the island, the Father Jack Cocktail Evening, and - in the style of the show itself - a Lovely Girls contest.

I must say I'm sorely tempted ;-)