Monday, February 12, 2007

John McDonnell Campaign : Feminists4John

A little while back I mentioned I was going along to a meeting of feminists involved in the John McDonnell campaign. Well here is a bit of a belated update .

The meeting discussed building a feminist branch of the John4Leader Campaign. It was agreed that there was a need for John’s campaign to have a strong feminist manifesto and argue for better women’s representation.

The group will be producing a Women’s Manifesto to be released on International Women’s Day (8th March 2007) and a leaflet to be handed out at events .It is hoped to have a presence at both John4Leader and other left/feminist events .And of course all good groups need a blog these days , so pop over and check out Feminists4John .
Any women want to get involved in the organising group drop me an e-mail.
And yes the organising group is made up women, just like the Pensioners group is made up of Pensioners and the Trade Union group made up of Trade Unionists!

Fear not though feminist friendly men, we will want to work with you and you can get involved in events and support us :-)