Tuesday, January 16, 2007

John McDonnell - Feminists4John meeting

Marsha Jane sent me this e-mail re the John McDonnell campaign :

I will be chairing a meeting to discuss the feminist aspect of the John4Leader Campaign and would like to invite you to participate. From the very beginning when John McDonnell first announced his bid for the Labour Leadership, we made it clear that this campaign is about encouraging political participation and providing a voice to sections of our society who have felt alienated and excluded from politics. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with support since the launch of the campaign, as it inclusive and far-reaching. We are all aware that women, although making up over fifty percent of our society, are severely under-represented in political activism and decision making. Far too often feminism slips off the agenda. It is now important to fully establish the feminist program within the campaign, making sure that anti-sexism and issues that particularly affect women are at the forefront of political debate, encouraging more female activists to get involved. The meeting is on 24th January 7pm Grimmond Room, Portcullis House is a chance for women activists to come together to discuss with John how to take forward this element of his campaign. I hope you will be able to attend. Warm regards

I will be there and post a report .