Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carnival of Socialism

The Stroppies are hosting the next carnival. What the hell are these carnival comrades thinking?
I know it is a scary prospect and you are all wondering how much we will lower the tone with the theme we pick. Well we did consider :

Crap TV and the left

Socialism and sex toys: free on demand

Fucking, fisting and fishnets - will they exist after the revolution (if not why not)

Dirty chicks talk left

Decadence and socialism: where's the champagne?

Theory as foreplay: Trotskyist pillowtalk for beginners

But no. We will behave with decorum. Ha! Believe that and you'll believe anything...........

The theme is :

Liberation politics and the left.

Go get scribbling. You have Xmas and the New Year to trot out something dynamic. Whaddya mean you were planning to drink, dance and be debauched instead. Where's your party discipline, comrade? Honestly, these days you just can't get the cadre.

Get the posts to us by the 20th January 2007. Email them to either:

Ciao comrades

Stroppy and Louise

Update : Just bumped this up to remind people as we posted this before xmas.

Updated update ! We have received posts on national liberation. Which is good but we were hoping that people would look at liberation in a wider sense. For example the left and women, LGBT people, disability, mental health , religion .