Sunday, January 14, 2007

The inaugural meeting of the Jim D fan club .

Kit has heroically taken on the challenge of organising a social event in the real world for the leftie bloggers . Pop over to his site to find out details. Pop over anyway to take a look at his blog.
I said I would give the event a plug over here and tell everyone why this will be the social highlight of January (ok, this is a dull month so not much competition). So far my experiences of meeting bloggies has been good fun, so looking forward to Saturday.

Those of you who may be wavering will I am sure be swayed (either way :-) ) by the main attraction. Yes , the delectable Jim D will be there all the way from Brum. Jim D, jazz buff and fan of gorgeous George , Respect and the SWP, has been tempted down by alcohol and scintillating company.Hmmm, he may be disappointed on the latter . The Stroppies did manage to drive him to drink and make him unmanageable (although I believe it doesn't take much, listening to Talk Galloway has the same effect). Hopefully we can do the same again in person. I have been told by Jim he looks like Cary Grant. I picture him more as Father Jack. All will be revealed on Saturday.

Other 'highlights' will include the degenerate decadent badly behaved Unison lot . I hope the pub has good lighting . Kit can talk Kylie with Louise. Kit, don't forget you agreed to wear fishnets if I bought you some :-) Dave, the cheery optimist , will be a cross between Victor Meldrew and the Frazer in Dads Army ('We're doomed' ). Oh and I am trying to persuade the Blairite Blogger to come along :-)

See you there...