Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Magnificent Seven....?

There is a poll on the BBC website asking you to vote for your political hero. The poll closes on the 11th January and the "winner" is announced on the Politics Show (14th Jan). The seven you can choose from are:

Tony Benn
Neil Kinnock
Alex Salmond
Clare Short
Norman Tebbit
Margaret Thatcher
Shirley Williams

Magnificent Seven? They are having a laugh.

The biggest chills down my spine was seeing scary old Norman "on ya bike" Tebbit and ..... The Iron One. The list is piss-poor to say the least. But Thatcher..... NOOOO!!

Why is Shirley "SDP/Liberal Alliance bollox" Williams on there, along with Witchfinder General Kinnock?

Funny that old Blair didn't make the final seven. Mmmm. Wonder why?

Alex Salmond. Why?

I am with Greenman on this. Vote Tony Benn!!

Benn won with 38.22% of the vote.
Thatcher came second (hiss boo) with 35.31%. And in third place.... Alex Salmond with 10.98%. Shirl beat Kinnock with 6.36% to his 4.98% of the vote. And Clare Short and the On Ya Bike One both got 2.07% of the vote.

Well done comrade Benn.....