Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blair's legacy......

Blair has described his foreign policy as controversial. Well, that's an understatement, mate, 'cos I can think of other words to describe it and "controversial" isn't one of them.

The warmonger argues: "war on terror" may last a generation but to retreat would be a "catastrophe".

Also said he wanted to keep a strong American alliance and "for us as a nation to be as willing to fight terrorism and pay the cost of that fight wherever it may be".

Yeah well, Bliar isn't paying the cost that's for sure.

Mr Blair admitted public opinion was divided over Britain's military campaigns and "unnerved by the absence of victory" in its traditional form.

Blair, the deluded moral crusader, is obsessed with self-image. He makes the "tough decisions" and believes he's right while everyone around him knows he's wrong including the majority of the public. He's one incredibly vain operator who will carry on with this mindless foreign policy until he's kicked out of office. It is also bound up with his own legacy and how he will go down in history. He wants to project the Big Hero that he "liberated" Afghanistan and Iraq yet most think he's a war criminal who really should be handcuffed and taken down to Belmarsh.

Blair is probably also keeping an eye on the lecture circuit in the States as many of his predecessors have gone down that avenue before.

And now Gordon Brown is distancing himself from Blair, rather late, hey Gordie, and rather cynically as well. He's signalling to everyone else that he's not Blair and that he won't be cuddling up to the neo-cons. He may modify bits and pieces of the Blairite project but ultimately it will be the same. Different leader same project.

Well, as the Moody Blues once sang: "Go Now..... " Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Esq and take Gordon with you.

Next week on More4 (15th Jan) is The Trial of Tony Blair
Repeated on Channel 4 (18th Jan). Robert "Wolfie Smith" Lindsay plays Blair.

The writer Alistair Beaton says: "I gather Mr Blair is very concerned about his place in history. This film is my idea of where that place might be. Whether it's fiction or prediction remains to be seen."