Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Wednesday rant: Relocation, Relocation

Sorry comrades but this programme makes me wanna take up arms. Step forward Relocation, Relocation. The shrink said I shouldn't watch it but the masochist in me forces me to.

A friend of mine once said her boyfriend just sits there and rants at the telly while the programme is on. I couldn't agree more 'cos that's what I do.

Why does it bug me so? Firstly, those bloody presenters, irritating and sinus impaired Kirstie along with witless Phil, the non-entity. But what is worse. Nay truly worse, is the people they are finding pads for. They are usually "entrepreneurs" never ordinary workers who get by on a joke of a salary and would probably be hard pressed to buy a broom cupboard in London let alone buy a one bedroom flat. This couple tonight wanted a flat in London (ended up in Clapham) and a family pad by the seaside (Ramsgate). I think the bloke makes his money in "buy to let" where he buys them up and rents them out at a massive profit.

A better name for this odious programme should be Exploitation, Exploitation, Exploitation!