Sunday, January 14, 2007

Freeloading Blair...

Ok, Ok, I am on a bit of a roll regarding the eternal stupidity of one Tony Blair Esq.

Blair, seems to have enjoyed free airline upgrades worth thousands and isn't too hot on paying his own way either. No wonder Tony "leave it to science" Blair doesn't want a little issue of global warming to impinge on his love of long haul flights.

"But British Airways yesterday confirmed that the Prime Minister has yet to pay for the upgrade to business class from economy that he requested on checking in at Heathrow, and will be invoiced".

And, "Mr Blair has taken "free" holidays worth more than £775,000 with wealthy hosts since taking office. They include four holidays at a Barbados villa owned by Sir Cliff Richard".

Blair isn't out of the mire yet as questions are being asked about how much he paid to stay in Robin Gibb's luxury £5m pad with 10 bedrooms.

Just how deep is Blair's love for freebies?

Actually, I think he would be rather suited to be a presenter on Relocation, Relocation and wouldn't look out of place along with the other grasping, greedy entrepreneurs.