Friday, February 09, 2007

The Hoohaa Monologues !!!!

Now what am I going on about you may well ask.
Well it seems the word vagina has caused some offence :

Stage play The Vagina Monologues has been renamed at a theatre in Florida after a complaint about the title.
It will be known as The Hoohaa Monologues - a child slang word for the female organ - after a woman in Atlantic Beach complained.
Bryce Pfanenstiel from The Atlantic Theatre told local TV station Channel 4 the woman said she was "offended" when her niece asked her what a vagina was.

One complaint and they make a change that frankly sounds ridiculous.The play deals with serious topics such as sex, rape, birth and mutilation yet its called the 'hoohaa monologues', childhood slang for vagina!! Whats the message , that a vagina is dirty or something to be embarrassed about ?
Perhaps they can also talk about poo poos .

And why is that woman so embarrassed she cannot explain to her young niece what a vagina is( I'm assuming she is a little girl, but hey given the repressed attitudes perhaps she is in her 50's and still needs to ask !).
No one is asking her to drop her knickers and show hers, but it can't be that difficult to explain to her niece .
What a fucked up attitude to be passing on to a little girl. The message being its dirty and mustn't be mentioned.

Of course now that the play has a childhood slang name then all the kids will know exactly what it means !