Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bits and bobs

Been a bit busy lately but will be posting more soon and not more cat pics!

I have been reviewing the blog now it is just me on my lonesome . One idea I would like to pursue is guest posts.
First up is John Angliss . I noticed he mentioned on Dave's site that he is planning to join the Labour Party and I was curious as to his reasons . I joined at a similar age but am not sure I would do so today. I may write a companion piece as to why then and not now.

Kit has also agreed to occasionally guest post , so look out for that.

Now some may say that is favouritism as both Kit and John have apparently been 'adopted' by me and Dave. So anyone else interested drop me an e-mail or add a comment here. I don't have to agree with your views, debate is good. Could even have a post in defence of Blairism from Sham:-)

A plug now for the Carnival of Socialism. I got a bit carried away when I did it , but it was interesting and fun (sad I know) . It can be a theme or just posts that caught your interest in the last month or so. If you want to volunteer pop over to the carnival site and send John an e-mail. It would be good to keep this going .

What about the Shiraz lot, how about a Carnival of Denham:-)