Friday, February 02, 2007

Self indulgent cat post .

I come back to my blog to find Osler saying my cats are not as good looking as the one below! Dave may be a smart arse but not when it comes to cats. At xmas he became quite attached to a 'mechanical' cat that he bought one of his daughters. Hmmm.

My cats are much better. Both are rescue cats . Bob was hit by a car and lost his knee joint. He is gay and has a good sense of style. He is very vain (something he shares with Dave) and likes being admired . He like glittery things and show tunes (made the last bit up).

Beryl is a strange feral cat who was dumped at the PDSA. Some delightful farmer was catching ferals and flogging them. They are more aloof than most cats and you have to gain their trust and let them come to you. She is very attached to Bob and follows him around all the time.

Pictures - Beryl is the black cat and Bob the fluffy one.