Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gordon Brown sexy !!!!!

Nope, this is not my opinion but comes from a poll in New Woman magazine .

10,000 of their readers (of I must say dubious taste and discernment) voted two politicians into the top 100 sexiest men in the world. Brown at 97 and that caring new man Cameron at 87. Wonder where John McDonnell would rank then :-)
Of course looks should be irrelevant when it comes to politics, or at least they should be. Sadly looks and personality in this media age is a factor.

The report goes on to highlight some of the others:

Mr Cameron was rated higher than Richard Madeley, Simon Cowell, David Hasselhoff and England football captain John Terry.
At age 55, Mr Brown is the oldest entrant on the list, but his efforts to present a lighter, more approachable image appear to have paid off with NW readers who voted him ahead of Arctic Monkey's front man Alex Turner, 21, Kate Moss's partner Pete Doherty, 27, and Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles.

St the risk of being told of by Volty and John A for judging men on their looks and clothes (as if, anyway I like weird men :-)), but Hasselhoff, Moyles (or the Kit lookalike ), Madeley, Cowell to name a few of the most puzzling choices.
Why ? Looks like power and celebrity is an aphrodisiac, I mean its not their scintillating personalities or razor sharp intellect that compensates.

Oh and Kit, you don't really look like Chris Moyles and Volty does not dress like Simon Cowell.