Friday, January 19, 2007

Carnival of socialism

Just a quick update and reminder.
The original date for the Carnival was the 20th January .It might be a little late due to being lured to a pub in Kings Cross by some dodgy bloggers (yes, that's you Volty, Jim D and Kit ) . I suspect Sunday may be spent nursing a hangover .
I will though spend tonight ploughing though blogs to see what I can find rather than living it up on Friday night. Well when I say living it up, it was either watching Osler read or blogging, so no great sacrifice :-)

Can people send me any last minute posts they have done or seen. I have had a few so far, thanks.
But but but ... banging head against wall, liberation and the left is NOT just about Iraq or Palestine . Can some of you lefties (and Kit so far has) try to think about other liberation issues.
That includes gender, disability, the family and relationships, LGBT issues, mental health, race and class. Other issues are welcome as well along these lines.