Thursday, January 18, 2007

Christian Voice and Jerry Springer

The last few weeks have not been to good for Christian Voice. First off they objected to the Sexual Orientation Regulations , which was passed by the Lords last week.

They have now lost their private blasphemy case against "Jerry Springer the Opera".

As well as this action they also called on Prince Edward to join their campaign :

His Royal Highness the Prince Edward is Patron of a Theatre which is planning to stage Jerry Springer the Opera in the new year...
why His Royal Highness must resign as Patron of that Theatre...
by associating with 'Jerry Springer the Opera' Prince Edward will bring shame and judgment on our Royal Family.
We don't want that. It's time for Prince Edward to stand up for Jesus Christ.

Hmmm. Well of course he should, being such a fine upstanding family man who I am sure has never deviated from the Christian path.

Further outrage is found on their page 'Britain in sin'. I recommend it to Paddy the Puritan, he will probably find much to agree with them on :-)

Must stop reading their website. I will become 'disgusted of Brighton', sitting tutting at the bigots as they do at us sinners. Its quite addictive ...

Hat Tip : New Humanist