Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cameron wants to bring back hunting

Hidden away in the news I found this report :

...the Conservative leadership pledged to introduce a one-line Bill to repeal the Hunting Act if the party wins the next general election.
The commitment was set out in a letter to all Tory MPs and candidates on behalf of David Cameron.

The move was intended to secure Tory support in rural areas and some marginal seats where the ban remains a high priority among voters.

The letter was written by David Maclean, MP for Penrith and the Border, who has been working closely with the hunting community to identify constituencies where hunting will be a relevant issue at the general election.

However, senior Tory figures told The Times that there was no wish to waste hours of parliamentary time, and it was agreed therefore that a short repeal Bill would be put before Parliament in the early weeks of any Conservative administration.

Rural areas have more important needs than the repeal of hunting . There is much poverty in the countryside but what does Cameron do, ensure the blood thirsty can watch foxes ripped apart for entertainment. Perhaps he could bring back dog fights and bear baiting while he is at it.

Dave is trying to be all things to all people. The urban Notting Hill bike riding new man who empathises with the struggles of ordinary families .May have dabbled a bit in the old weed as a kid , hey what a rascal. Talks tough with business.
But doesn't forget his roots and what the old guard want. Bit of hunting, shooting and fishing.

Scratch the surface and he is still a privileged nasty little Tory .