Monday, February 19, 2007

John McDonnell - No Trident, Troops out Of Iraq demo

I know, another John McDonnell post.
Don't worry I'll be back doing decadent degenerate posts on fucking and fishnets. But for now boys and girls, an announcement about the demo on Saturday.
Below is information from the John4Leader Campaign :

Join the John4Leader campaign on 24th February!

The John4Leader campaign will be marching alongside Stop the War and CND to protest against the continued occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and call for Trident to be scrapped. John McDonnell MP is standing for leadership of the Labour Party and is campaigning for a new foreign policy based on peace and justice, including:

Withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

A full independent inquiry into the Iraq war

Support for a free and independent Palestine

No £25bn renewal of Trident

Creation of a Ministry for Peace

A British foreign policy based on peace and conflict resolution

Look out for the campaign stall & banner in Hyde Park at 11am & march with us for peace.

John4Leader campaign
07913 620 581

Hopefully no singing of oh ah hezbollah :-)