Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shiraz Socialist - has Jim been let loose on the blog design ????

Popped over to Shiraz Socialist to catch up on some debates only to find strange goings on.

Design is all spotty (not to be viewed with a hangover)and all the comments have gone . Oh and it won't let me comment on there as I'm not part of the team.

Hmmm. Has Jim had a few shandies and decided to experiment ??
Not likely given his difficulty with links.

If its not Jim he could become a bit unmanageable when he pops over there and sees all those spots .The experience could make him tee total over night.

Update :

John A has far to much time on his hands (well he is a student !) and has kindly made some changes to the usual Father Jack/Jim D pic. So I have uploaded the new pic!!