Monday, September 17, 2007

Amnesty International , the 'Life League' and deviants !

Amnesty International has upset the old men in the Vatican by saying that woman have a right to control their own bodies. Its not exactly abortion on demand they are asking for ,nope, they say if a woman has been raped (often used in war as a means of terrorising women ) or their life is in danger then they should have access to free safe abortion. Often the anti abortionists try to appear reasonable and argue around time limits,when of course the majority of them want all abortion illegal. Yep, woman can die , that's sanctity of life for you .

Anyway I notice, via Emmazone, that the Life League are up in arms on this. They have published the addresses and phone numbers of Directors of Amnesty International and called on their nice Christian members to harass them.

This group is a particularly unpleasant bunch. Its not just controlling women that occupies them, they also hold forth on a selection of rabid bigoted god bothering views .

For example , contraception:

Contraception is the basis for the degradation of western society as a whole. Once contraception became acceptable in the churches and mainstream society, the link between monogamous sexual relationships within marriage and procreation was broken. From then on, facilitated by contraception, sex primarily became a recreational pursuit.

In addition to promoting abortion - widespread contraception has (in the popular mind) produced ‘sex without consequences, accountability and responsibility’. This in turn has spawned:

(1) The Rise of Feminism: By breaking the central role of motherhood, and thus facilitating non-appropriate economic and social roles.

(2) The Rise of Extra-marital sex: Facilitated by contraception removing any ‘unintended consequences’ from recreational sex.

(3) The Rise of Homosexuality and perverted lifestyles: Once it is accepted that sex is for pleasure, base lusts cannot be refused.

(4) The Rising Divorce Rate: Resultant from the breakdown of the family order and greater potential for promiscuity (see points 1 and 2).

(5) The Decline of the Family: Brought about by points 1, 2, 3 and 4. Once the family goes, society does also.

If you are single, abstinence is always your best and only morally acceptable choice. It is not always easy, but it always works. By abstaining from sex, you eliminate the possibility of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

My favourite bits are :

sex primarily became a recreational pursuit. and
The Rise of Homosexuality and perverted lifestyles: Once it is accepted that sex is for pleasure, base lusts cannot be refused.

They say that like its a bad thing!
Lets just say if I was ever listed in 'Who's Who' I would have no problem as listing sex as one of my hobbies. Honestly, what business is it of their's if people do not see sex primarily in terms of having kids. As someone who 1) does not want them and 2) has no intention of getting married, am I supposed to practise abstinence ?? I would be even more Stroppy if that were the case. It is so tempting to say what they all seem to need is a good fuck and perhaps they would have less interest in prying into other people's sex lives!

Look, god botherers, accept it, some of us quite like sex for 'purely recreational purposes'. As the saying goes, get over it !

Oh and more on their views about 'deviant homosexuals':

The Life League has a simple policy regarding homosexuality. We regard it as sexual deviance, and believe that it flies in the face of the natural Order purposed by God for humankind. Homosexuals are not born “gay”, and lead a “gay lifestyle” through choice, not heredity.

Whilst we believe homosexuality to be an anti-life aberration, we do not hate homosexuals. The charge of “homophobia”, in the sense of a vicious hatred targeted at homosexuals, cannot be laid at our door as we feel it is our duty to love those who have been lured into this lifestyle, and to inform them of the folly of their ways. We utterly abhor all anti-homosexual violence, but similarly condemn the tendency of government policy to favour minority rights over the rights of the majority.

We will be including various articles about our stance on homosexuality and it’s anti-life destructiveness in the coming months.

Yep, all that deviant sex and no procreation. Can't be having that.
I'm sure LGBT parents must fuck with their heads .

And finally, they aim to keep young people in ignorance , because of course if you aren't told about sex then surely you won't do it :

It is in the light of these facts, that the Life League opposes sex education in it’s various forms and guises, in the full knowledge that it is amoral, has a destructive effect on society and contributes to the overall problem of sexual promiscuity and perversion in the UK.

As they seem so fond of direct action , perhaps some of us deviants could tell them what we think of them .

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