Friday, September 07, 2007

The God squad are at again....

This made my stomach churn as well as my hackles rising and blood pressure going through the roof.

The God squad are upon us sermonising against the ills of being gay, the necessity of chaste living, abortion being a sin and the evils of condoms. And sex, well sex, is very very very bad. Well, it is ok for procreation purposes but not something to be enjoyed and seen as fun.

Way hey, aren't you just disappointed you didn't book your for this funtastic jamboree tomorrow? It has been organised by the The Human Life International under the banner of "Ireland must choose".

A day of reactionary, homophobic and moralising carping to the converted. It exposes just how ideologically pernicious religion is. It also reminded me of various God squadders, who descended on Brighton in 1990, for the International Conference on the Family and indeed it had every reactionary on the planet attending.

A gang of lefties (including myself) demonstrated outside the event and we got on the 6pm news as 4 Stop Section 28 activists walked on the stage holding up signs that said, "lesbians are not pretending". It made Princess Di blush (she opened the conference.. one woman who knew all about "family values").

This was 'cos at the time there was all this crap circulating about lesbian and gay families being a "pretence" and this conference was preaching the wonders of the heterosexual nuclear family. Oh, and some of their "members" i.e. Operation Rescue decided to picket a BPAS clinic. Fortunately, there was a counter picket, including Catholics for Choice, which saw off the anti-abortionists.

I hope there are counter demos tomorrow to tell these hypocritical moralists to shove their reactionary religion. What business is it of theirs how people live their lives....

Hat tip: The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Btw: Many thanks to Paddy Garcia for providing the pic.

It kinda sums up and symbolises the week of protests. And Paddy, if you have any more of that day/week then I would appreciate seeing them (may even spot myself in the pics!!!)

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