Monday, October 22, 2007

My self-portrait....

I originally thought today would be another dull and depressing day. It did start that way with the ongoing saga regarding certain things happening in my life.

But what broke the melancholic spell was seeing that the Radio 4 show PM had put up my pic on their Flickr site. They asked people to send in self-portraits of themselves so I did just that.

For the past couple of months I have developed a keen interest in photography that has helped to improve my mental health, rebuild confidence and well being. Something to enjoy and like as opposed to feeling ground down by the stresses of life. Anyway, it may sound daft to get so pleased over something small but it really has lifted my spirits and the past couple months have been welll.....crap.

Thanks to Madam Miaow who originally suggested to me to send in a pic to the programme. I really appreciated the suggestion.
(The pic above is of the sea and the beach I took at Seaford, east Sussex)