Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Can't be arsed

I will write a longer, more considered, post on this a bit later. For the time being I really can't be arsed and have had enough with all the really crappy attacks and point scoring for what passes as debate on the left.

Hello?? we are a tiny group of people. Anyone looking in would run a mile. We alienate more than we draw in through our tactics. Hey, perhaps I do. I have been told I am alienating for the way I criticised Galloway and that my blog is one of the most intimidating around. My views count for little as I have had a drink with Denham.Makes a change from being told I have blood on my hands and am a CIA whore (which I'm not btw, don't charge and only shag lefties :-))

I really wonder why I bother. Who needs enemies when you can have leftie comrades. Fuck knows what any society we created would be like.

Oh and this is not just a rant at any one person. Its a general I am fucked off with the left brought on by debates about Kylie's arse (Says it all really) and the general nastiness that passes for a debate on Respect. Its just a culmination of pissed off ness.

Want to know what I'm griping about? Bit of a political masochist ?
Check out here , here and here.

For now I'm going to have some JD, play scrabble on facebook and eventually write a more considered post in the next few days.Or perhaps give up and get a life.

btw on Splintered Sunrise Andy Newman says that this blog is intimidating

Generally, the blogs are not safe places where people feel confident to express a dissenting view. And two of the very worst in terms of intimidation are Stroppyblog and Shiraz socialists, because you tolerate the verbal bullying from Voltaires Priest and others.
And Stroppy
You did tolerate and collude in bullying of Louise by “Voltaires Priest”.

He is referring to this thread.

Make up your own minds if this makes this blog one of the very worst in terms of intimidation.

I don't delete and I don't moderate . I don't see anything here that is worse than many of the blogs and that includes SU.