Saturday, January 12, 2008

Article in SSP Frontline Magazine

I wrote this article about three years ago - here.

The SSP supports the criminalising of men who buy sex and the full support for prostituted women. For balance here is an article by Prof Gregor Gall in the following magazine.

The SSP voted by a big majority at their conference in 2006 for the criminalising of the buyers of sex and to view prostitution on the continuum of violence and abuse of women. The SSP supports full resources for prostitutes, is against Toleration Zones and for the buyers of sex to have the responsibility.

It was about four years worth of discussions that helped us come to this conclusion. All six of the SSP MSPs in 2003 signed Margo McDonald's proposal for a Toleration Bill, so it does show you how debate and experience of concrete conditions does change consciousness

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