Sunday, January 06, 2008

'Green' sex

Whilst perusing Facebook as a way of avoiding other more pressing tasks, I came across a link to a blog post on 'How to green your sex life .'
(hat tip to Jim Jay who posted it up there) .

Hmmm. I try to be green, albeit in a slightly haphazard fashion.I am though a bit wary about 'green sex'. All sounds a bit dull and worthy, two words that should not be linked to sex in my view. Images of hand knitted sex toys wielded by right on bearded men with pony tails appeared in my head (and I must try to erase them forthwith). I do my best to recycle,worry about my carbon foot print, so can I keep my non PC sex please.

Anyway, take a look and see what you think. It includes sex toys, underwear , finding a 'tree hugger' partner (her words, not my sarcasm!)and the benefits of vegetarianism for oral sex. Oh and something about 'suspicious' dildos !

pic is of some 'green' knickers.

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