Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A tattoo for Stroppy!!

Yep I know I am old enough to know better, but as those who read this blog know, I am not in any rush to grow old gracefully!
I have always wanted a tattoo but dithered . After faffing for the last few months I have decided to just do it.

I have some ideas about getting a tattoo or two. Now my dear readers were helpful with my last mid life crisis idea, getting a guitar.

Back then I mused :

I have absolutely no intention of 'acting my age' , whatever that means anyway. I plan to grow old disgracefully. In my 60's I shall still pootle out to see unknown indie bands play in small crappy venues . I shall listen to old favourites but still have a thirst for hearing new music. I shall wear fishnets and DMs when I really should know better (that is probably now). I shall have bottle blonde hair and avoid sensible comfortable practical clothes. If I change, and start going to dinner parties and listening to Dido , please take me out and shoot me.

I am going to buy myself an electric guitar and learn to play. The other option was a red sports car and a toyboy. Trouble is 1) I can't afford a sports car. 2) Think Osler might be a bit miffed to be replaced by a toyboy and anyway I much prefer weird arsey old leftie men.

So got the guitar and now want a tattoo. So I thought I would see what you all thought on this. Ideas for what and where. What tats do you have ? Did it hurt (I'm a wuss )?

I have a few ideas. I quite like the idea of a deep red rose on my cleavage(and no, not a new labour one!) , on the right side. Nope, I'm not classy.

Oh and a 'stroppy' on my shoulder. That's a sort of punky, cartoon 'stroppy' with fishnets and DMs. It will look good when I'm pushing my zimmer in years to come:-)

I don't want really big tattoos , but I also don't want the 'nice' little middle class bluebird types either. I don't want to end up looking like a small child has scribbled over me, like Amy Winehouse. And before anyone suggests it I don't want 'Dolls4Jim' or a bottle of JD tattooed on my backside. I expect Jim will tell me to be sensible like he did with the choice of guitar, which of course I ignored.

I'll probably go with the rose first and see how I like it. I haven't found one I like yet, I like the roses in the figure of 8 pictured, but just one or two as a stem.

I am curious to hear Stroppyblog readers views, not that I'll take any notice mind.

After that perhaps the red sports car and toyboy ...

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