Sunday, June 03, 2007

A guitar for Stroppy, part 2.

I am aware that this is probably of very little interest to anyone, I'm just getting a little obsessed with guitars. I have spent hours looking at reviews and shops on the Internet.

Volty and Denham are poo pooing me wanting a bright girlie guitar, but I'm gonna get one. Well if I'm going to have a mid life crisis I might as well do it properly ;-)

Its now between two Daisy Rock guitars. Both get good reviews and play well. I'm not just attracted by bright glittery things like some magpie, honest.

So it is down to the Rock Candy in Atomic Pink (very dark and sparkly, pic does not do justice) , see below

and the Rock Candy special , see below

Just need to decide, find the cheapest place to buy and then learn how to play the damn thing.
I'm sure my neighbours are gonna love me...