Saturday, June 02, 2007

A guitar for Stroppy

I have absolutely no intention of 'acting my age' , whatever that means anyway. I plan to grow old disgracefully. In my 60's I shall still pootle out to see unknown indie bands play in small crappy venues . I shall listen to old favourites but still have a thirst for hearing new music. I shall wear fishnets and DMs when I really should know better (that is probably now). I shall have bottle blonde hair and avoid sensible comfortable practical clothes. If I change, and start going to dinner parties and listening to Dido , please take me out and shoot me.

Anyway, is there a point to this ? Shouldn't I be debating the Deputy leader contest? Well there is a point and I have already discussed Cruddas with Dave at 7.30 in the morning (sad I know), so enough of all that. Right, the point to this post,I am going to buy myself an electric guitar and learn to play. The other option was a red sports car and a toyboy. Trouble is 1) I can't afford a sports car. 2) Think Osler might be a bit miffed to be replaced by a toyboy and anyway I much prefer weird arsey old leftie men.

Today I spent hours perusing the guitar shops of Denmark Street and Charing Cross Road . Dave played loads to hear how they sounded and helped me decide what I needed .

I came home empty handed but with the bug for a guitar. I know I will get very anoraky about it. I saw loads and am left with a decision to make.

My options are :

- a very good deal of a guitar and amp for about £110. Nothing exciting but good value for a beginner.(Can't find pic, but its a strat type).

- A blue Yamaha that looks a bit nicer. About £190. (the first guitar pic)

- A retro guitar that has lots of options for different tones etc.

- And a girlie bright deep pink sparkly 'Daisy Rock ' guitar. The one in the shop was £440 . It was glittery and almost cerise in colour. I looked at it first and then went round all the other shops. I came back to have another look, after resolving to be sensible. Trouble is the others looked dull afterwards.
I have looked on the website and there are others very similar a lot cheaper.See pics above.

I could only find a pic of the Yamaha, the first pic above , and the Daisy Rock ones.See above for an idea of the sort of Daisy Rock guitar I am tempted by. I would probably have to pay £350 ish for it.Plus amp and other bits and pieces.

And yes its an extravagance but I have decided to treat myself. When my mum died I inherited the grand sum of about £1500 . My mum was a character. She hated the 'uniform' of pensioners in their beige clothes and bobble perms. She wore bright colours, loved purple and had a bright blonde bit in her hair with swirls of pink and lilac. I think she would approve of me buying a guitar and learning to play.

Any thoughts? Should I get the sensible budget option,the inbetween options or the bright girlie guitar ?
Or should I just stop all this nonsense and grow up...