Friday, May 18, 2007

Off for a few days

Im not going to be blogging now till Tuesday. Off up to sunny Scotland with the grumpy one.

Given all the sniping and dissection on the blogs post McDonnell its probably good to take a break. Except my long weekend is likely to involve further discussion of what now for the left with a bit of Scottish politics thrown in. Yep by the time we get back Osler will be even more despondent about the future of the left.
Some go away for romantic weekends, mine will involve drinks with some SSP comrades and a night out with the arsey geordie and his cat loving pal.

Still sad that I am I'm more a getting pissed with weird lefties than candle lit dinners and country walks . Well I think by now most people who read this have worked out I quite like weird leftie men. Of course I have had to come to terms with the fact that Denham is spoken for . Ah well, life's not fair.

So play nicely amongst yourselves. Treat this as an open thread. Perhaps discuss who you will (or would if you could ) vote for in the Deputy Leadership contest. Or perhaps discuss the state of the left and whether I should stay in the Labour Party. Suggestion's as to what I should do.

Anyway must get a move on, train to catch...