Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One year of Stroppyblog!!

Yep, Stroppyblog has reached its 1st birthday !!

I must admit this blogging malarkey is a bit addictive, but I love it.

It all started off by seeing Dave with his blog and then getting into commenting on lots of blogs. Dave said why don't you do one. So if you want to blame anyone, blame him:-)

Of course when I started it was a joint blog with Louise, now just me as she has moved on to other blogs. Even with Dave saying just do it I'm not sure I would have by myself, so thanks Louise. And do all check out her posts on her blogs,they mix politics (often areas missed by the left) and humour.
Thanks as well to Dave for the encouragement and for giving me honest feedback on what I have written. Aspies do very blunt honesty sometimes ;-), but its helped me to develop my writing.

I usually seem to manage a post a day, so not to bad. I wanted to do my favourite posts of the year . I know, a bit indulgent, but humour me. I'll probably do that next week as I am really busy finishing off work before I head off for a long weekend in sunny Scotland with the little ray of sunshine known as Dave.

Of course in this year I have met lots of weird leftie bloggie men and women.Its strange this way of getting to know people through the internet. Meeting them in person as been fun and I even seem to have 'adopted ' Kit and John A.

Here is to the next year of blogging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!