Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John McDonnell campaign update

E-mail below from the John4Leader campaign.
So get doing and stop griping!!

Following yesterday's announcement that Michael Meacher will be backing John's leadership bid, the chances of John getting the necessary 45 nominations to ensure a contest are greater than ever. You can read more about Michael's decision on John's blog here: Of course, we'd like to encourage everyone to get in touch with their MP again urging them to nominate John now there's an excellent chance of getting him on the ballot paper and ensure we all get a democratic say in who our leader is and what direction our party takes.

1. Provisional schedule for the short campaign
2. Regional hustings

1. Provisional schedule for the short campaign

Last week we asked you to help us plan John's schedule during the short campaign. Below is a rough list of where John will be on what dates. The list is based around Party & Trade Union hustings events, and John's trade union conference commitments. We're looking for local supporters to seek out opportunities for John to do visits to large unionised workplaces, to meet hospital staff, visit schools, meet local campaigns etc. We also hope to be able to squeeze in as many CLP meetings as possible, so if your CLP would like to hear John speak – or an alternative speaker representing the campaign (eg Mike Wood MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP), now is the time to get in touch. Of course, all these dates are subject to change - but to maximise the chance of getting John to visit your CLP/workplace/local campaign, please use the following schedule as a guideline:


20th - Coventry
21st - London
22nd/23rd - Yorkshire
24th - Southport
25th/26th - Bristol
27th - Yorkshire
28th/29th - Liverpool/North West
30th - Leicester
31st - Birmingham


1st - Edinburgh
2nd - Glasgow
3rd/4th - Newcastle/North East
5th - Brighton
6th/7th - London
8th - Swansea
9th - Cardiff
10th/11th - Oxford/Reading
12th - Cambridge
13th - Norfolk
14th-17th - London
18th - Dover
19th - Brighton
20th - Southampton
21st - Exeter
22nd - Plymouth

Of course, if you would like a representative from John's campaign to come and speak to you, but your available dates don't fit within this schedule, we will try and find an alternative speaker for you - just get in touch. All CLPs should be having supporting nomination meetings, and it's important we try and get a speaker to each one.

2. Regional hustings

A list of official hustings can be found here: - but you need to register in advance and as soon as possible to be able to attend. Got to to register as soon as possible. The Party will ask for a donation of £10, but this is voluntary and please don't allow this to stop you registering if you can't afford it. If you can afford it, however, it will go towards ensuring a 4 th term Labour victory – hopefully under a McDonnell government!

If you can't make the hustings event in your area, you can still ask questions by texting HUST followed by your question to 60022, or checking regularly for opportunities. It would be great for as many people as possible to ask tough questions on the effects of privatization in the health service and in our schools, on rising levels of inequality in our society and its effects on health and crime, on pensioner poverty, the war in Iraq, etc.

Check out the website .
Contact them and offer to help.