Monday, May 07, 2007

Man complains that he is NOT dying of cancer

Don't know about you, but if I was told I did not have a terminal illness after all I would be really really happy .

I heard this guy on the radio and he was moaning.

Apparently :

When doctors broke the news to John Brandrick that he was dying of cancer, he resolved to live as if there were no tomorrow.
He quit his job, stopped paying the mortgage, enjoyed slap-up meals with his partner night after night and spent a fortune on hotels. He splashed out on his family, took impromptu day trips and gave his clothes away to charity. He even arranged his own funeral.
Then, after a year of the high life, Mr Brandrick’s symptoms began to disappear. The hospital informed him that, actually, he was not suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer but nonfatal pancreatitis.
The 62-year-old grandfather from Newquay, Cornwall, was ecstatic. Then reality dawned on him. Having blown his life savings on what were supposed to be his final months, he will now be forced to sell his £300,000 house.
Mr Brandrick first went to Treliske Hospital in Cornwall suffering from jaundice, but scans revealed a 7cm (3in) tumour. After a series of tests, he was told that he had cancer.
He said: “I was told certainly, by the doctor, that I had cancer and from that day I lived life in full. I was told I had limited time to live and go out and enjoy myself.”

Mr Brandrick is now seeking compensation for the misdiagnosis. He claims that it has left his life in ruins and he is having counselling for the ordeal.
The hospital denies negligence. A spokesman for Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was based on the outcome of a series of investigations and the symptoms that Mr Brandrick was experiencing early in 2005. While we do sympathise with Mr Brandrick’s position, clinical review of his case has not revealed that any different diagnosis would have been made at the time based on the same evidence"

Hospitals make mistakes, this does though look like a diagnosis made on the available evidence rather than neglect. I'm not sure its possible to always be 100% certain with any diagnosis .

Given he has a partner I would be surprised if he is totally penniless as presumably he would have left her some of his estate and not spent every single penny and left her with debts ? He does though say he is bankrupt .

Personally I think he should quit whinging and just be glad he is still alive .

No pleasing some people .