Saturday, April 28, 2007

Strange people on the blogosphere .

Like others on the blogosphere, I have a look to see what searches bring people to Stroppyblog.
A while back I posted that someone did a search for 'Hazel Blears sexy' .I thought it may have just been a certain Hackney councillor and 'Hazelite' , but no.Since my post on that google search, with pic and mention of Hazel on a motorbike and leathers, I seem to have attracted more people doing Hazel searches. And no , not Hazel for Deputy .

There are people out there searching for :

"hazel blears biker leather" ( I can top of that Google search!)

"Hazel Blears shag"

And another "sexy Hazel Blears"

Other non related Hazel searches include :

"i am standing next to a wanker "(this lead to a post on Kylie )

"Jim Denham trot" ( lead to this and this ).

Two searches , "astroglide and boots " and "Lenin Decadence" lead to this post.

Other searches include :

"why are women so stroppy"

"harriet harman in stockings"

"saddam doormat"

And of course each day I usually get one or two "Portuguese Porn" searches.

Marsha Jane has also informed me that I am apparently 'Inappropriate'!! She tried to access the blog from a work computer and this came up :

Access to the page: has been denied for the following reason:

Weighted phrase limit exceeded.You are seeing this error because what you attempted to access appears to contain, or is labeled as containing, material that has been deemed inappropriate.

Now why is that :-)

update : Just seen this search: "what did they call the woman in coronation street with the blue rinse" !! Seems it was because I talked about bloggers with blue rinses...