Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The case for socialist feminism

One of my many gripes is that the left is often lukewarm at best on women's rights these days (not that it was so great in the past of course).

Given that, was pleased to see an event addressing socialism and feminism being put on by the AWL. This is not any sort of favouritism , even if I do like going for the odd piss up with some of them. It looks like an interesting event and if anyone else is doing something similar I'll plug it here as well.
Anyway, enough wittering on. See below for details .

AWL day school: The case for socialist feminism

• Socialism and feminism - an unhappy marriage? What is the relationship between class, gender and other oppressions?

• The women's movement of the 1970s and 80s: what we can learn

• The political economy of domestic labour. Does "wages for housework" make any sense? A debate between Selma James of Global Women's Strike debates Workers' Liberty

• The case of Iran: feminist attitudes to religious oppression, feminist attitudes to war and imperialism, with an Iranian socialist speaker

• How can we fight for sexual freedom while opposing objectification, exploitation and oppression? Camile Barbagallo, International Union of Sexworkers
• How can we get the labour movement to fight for women's rights? Speakers include Janine Booth, chair, RMT Women's Advisory Committee (pc)

10.30am-5pm, Saturday 21 April 2007, University of East London Docklands Campus
Immediately next to Cyprus DLR or ten minutes walk from Stratford tube and rail
Creche provided
Waged £5, unwaged £2.50, including a pack of materials on socialist feminist ideas.

Followed from 6pm-late by a fundraising social for the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq at the Ivy House, 8-10 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AE (less than five minutes from Holborn tube). Waged £5, unwaged £3.

Update : I can't make this now. Have a pile of work I need to do . If anyone going wants to do a report as a guest post let me know.