Friday, April 13, 2007

Nuns with guns and Trotporn...

Will has down a post about nuns and priests having a bit of a scuffle in Cyprus. Seems to have involved stabbings.

He has put up a pic (copied here), that certain lefties might quite like. For those who don't know what I'm going on about, check out the comments here. There are 'specialist' sites apparently .I was tempted to put up a pic from one of them to cause maximum offence, but they were very work unsafe ;-)

Does seem to be sites for every, ahem, speciality. Little while back some commentators suggested this blog did its own 'Stroppyporn'. I have no idea why :-)

I was having a conversation with a grumpy old ex Trot, who shall remain nameless, as to whether there is a market for 'Trotporn'.
We wondered if there were any Trotporn sites or phone lines.
Sad Trot men could ring up and discuss whether the Soviet Union really was degenerate or state capitalist. The woman can talk 'Trot' and pretend she is wearing a donkey jacket. Theory as foreplay? Naked paper sellers perhaps? Bit difficult to know where to pin the badges.
What about the magazines or DVDs? Of course being the left they would need to cater to each grouplet , can't be getting turned on by a woman reading another groups paper .
Oh and for the puritan section of the left perhaps just a bit of ankle flashing should do the trick.

Well its one way to raise money for the cause comrades...