Thursday, April 12, 2007

Badly behaved blogs and a code of conduct

There has been much discussion over the suggestion that the blogosphere needs a code of conduct. The only blogs I look at are political, so my comments only apply to that group .

I feel uncomfortable about a group of people deciding on a code of conduct for the rest of us to sign up to. Blogs are very different from the printed media. Yes many are amateurish, so what. That's good. Anyone can set one up. Well anyone that can access the Internet and I am aware that does mean many cannot . Even given the restrictions it is still more accessible and democratic than the mainstream media.

I don't like to delete or ban commentators . I have only done it once and that was a guy who put up lots of very long comments that made very little sense . They were crude and abusive and suggested that myself and Louise should be raped or end up like the women working as prostitutes in Ipswich who were murdered. It included sick comments about my mother who had just died.They consisted mainly of crude sexual, homophobic and sexist abuse. They started insulting other posters and they are clogged up the debate in the comments boxes. If this happened again I would delete .
There are commentators here who I disagree with and think are offensive reactionary fuckwits. No prizes for guessing who. But they can comment here and argue and debate. That happened recently with a post on the Falklands war. There was an argument , mostly conducted in the early hours of the morning, which involved frayed tempers and some abuse. I'm not going to go and tell people off. In fact others went on and suggested calling someone an inbred sheepshagger was not helpful.And then there is Will. The blogosphere would be a dull place without him. Yep he swears a lot, but he is actually quite creative in how he abuses people . Of course I want intelligent debate and it is usually more constructive without insults, but I'm not going to tell people how to behave.
Some blogs do comment moderation and that's fine. I'm not telling others what to do re codes and comments. Having been on the end of moderation, and seen how my comments were twisted and I was not allowed a reply , that's something I am wary of. As much as anything it slows down the flow of debate. I also can't spend all my time on my blog checking comments.

I don't like anonymous comments, but I won't ban them. I prefer if people use a name and then I can get to 'know' them. Many people use made up names and that's fine. Not everyone can use their real name for a number of reasons. Again this is not like the print media , written by journalists whose job it is. People in the blog have jobs and lives (yes really!) outside and the blog is not their work. It may be very separate or sensitive .

Its annoying when people troll and make up different names, again though its usually possible to work them out. They usually get bored or their mum makes them turn off the computer and go to bed.

The talk of codes seems to be part of a move to control or rein in the blogosphere. A while back I commented on Matthew Taylor who was concerned that blogs are not respectful and had created a crisis by calling politicians to account :

Part of the problem, he added, was the "net-head" culture itself, which was rooted in libertarianism and "anti-establishment" attitudes.

He says that like its a bad thing!

Some have criticised this blog for being all about fucking and fishnets . Well this blog will remain arsey, stroppy and at times may offend. If you don't like it then find another blog you prefer. There are loads out there.

I will continue to write about sex, politics, music and anything else that takes my fancy.
As Kit puts it, re a code :

Could you imagine the left blogging community sticking to that? We positively thrive on bad language, libel, trolling, fishnets, fucking, gossip, slander and all the other things which make blogging fun! Could you imagine Stroppyblog without the fishnets and fucking? Could you imagine Will Rubbish without the swearing?
These are my views as regards my blog. if others want to have their own codes , that's fine. I just don't want it imposed .
I am not going to have any 'approved' logo or warning log decided by others. Blogs are playgrounds at times. That's good. I can run amok and behave badly if I want. I can post on 'Fucking, fisting and fishnets' if I so please. If someone wants me to put up their logo then I will have a stropp and most certainly will not agree to it.
Blogs are are pretty democratic. I don't want them controlled , approved or with logos and codes.
I might make up my own Stroppy logo of course, but that's my choice .

Suggestions ;-)