Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jim4Leader campaign update

Well I must say its good to see the left getting behind this campaign and putting sectarian differences aside .

Its only been going a few days, but already prominent bloggers have come out in support. These include Tami , Volty and John A.
This shows that Jim can match John McDonnell in terms of both the youth and women's vote . I'm hoping that Paddy and Will will also give their backing.

Jim's campaign only started here on this blog a few days back. It is gathering apace, given a boost by his stand alongside Tories and religious groups, to stop the sale of alcohol in his local area. He plans to build on this with a call for prohibition on a national scale.

Updates on the campaign can be found on both Volty and Tami's blogs.

In terms of the campaign I am his manager. A unanimous decision(of one,me, yes I can be a control freak at times) but I believe for the best. If any one can keep the unruly Mr D in some sort of order it is me:-)This will be the official campaign blog.

There are whisperings in the blogosphere to persuade Volty to stand as his Deputy. He has shown himself adept at manoeuvring Jim onto trains while inebriated and reuniting him with his 'fucking bag'.
This would indeed be the 'Dream Ticket'.

A number of Deputy and Leadership blogs have endorsements from the great, good and in the case of John McDonnell 'the Unison Degenerates', on their blogs. If anyone wants to endorse Jim then please add it to the comments box for a future post.

This is an historic opportunity for the left and we must all get behind Jim, fight for him and not be swayed by Meacher or McDonnell. Jim will inspire and prod back into life the dying corpse of the Labour Left and unite the Left grouplets outside.

As the Lib Dem's are fond of saying, go away and prepare for power...