Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday night ramblings

Can't be arsed to write a proper post as I'm a little hungover . Not my fault,it never is of course,its always others who get me into trouble. I was going to have a genteel glass or two of wine, but Dave insisted on buying me a half bottle of JD or 'Stroppyjuice' as he calls it.Half an hour later and it was all gone .

My head hurt even more this morning when I saw the argument raging into the wee small hours in the comments box on the post below. Hmmm , don't think I will be the only one with a sore head today.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, there is a point to this post . Now it is just me on Stroppyblog I would like from time to time to have the odd guest post. So far Tami and John have done some .

I'm not looking for people who necessarily agree with me, different viewpoints would be good . They can be topical or on areas someone has a particular interest and knowledge of. It could also be a culture type post, I mean this blog could do with the tone being raised.

If anyone wants to do a guest post drop me an e-mail .

Oh and I like the pic, so using it again.


One last thing, any thoughts on the next poll, who is the most 'eminently fuckable leftie male blogger' or 'who is the most left wing revolutionary leftie blogger'. Both very serious subjects ;-)